OREANDA-NEWS. June 18, 2012. The motor vehicle parc in Russia has amounted to 42,861,778 units by January 1, 2012, showing a 5.4% year-on-year increase, according to provisional data available with ASM Holding.

The fastest growth has been attributed to the car parc, up 6.0% to 36,415,100 units. The share of vehicles being in use for less than 5 years rose 0.7 points to 27.9%.

The car parc density in Russia is 255 cars (among them 71 cars of less than 5 years age) per one thousand inhabitants.

The truck parc (including also light trucks) is 5,544,699 units, up 2.4% year on year. The share of trucks in use for less than 5 years has remained stable at 17.0%.

The bus parc (including also minibuses) has amounted to 901,979 units, with the slowest growth rate at +0.9% on the year. On the one hand, there is a certain positive shift noted in comparison with the previous year when the bus parc decreased by 0.3%. On the other hand, we witness the bus fleet aging, since the number of buses below 5 years of age has reduced both by total (down 6.5%) and by share (from 24.9% to 23.1%). At the same time, significantly rose (up 5.2%) the number of buses older than 10 years, with their share gaining two points to 48.5%.