OREANDA-NEWS. June 18, 2012. On June, 4-8th a workshop devoted to the problem of energy-saving for managers and executive officials of OJSC "UIC "OBORONPROM" was held at ‘Perm Engine Company". The representatives of OJSC ‘PMZ', OJSC "Aviadvigatel", OJSC ‘STAR", OJSC ‘Kuznetsov", OJSC"UMBPA", RDC "Saturn" and some other companies, comprising the corporation, took part in the seminar.

A highly topical program of the workshop included practical and theoretical courses to the topics "The basic of energy management", "Organizational and economical methods of determining the resources of energy-saving of an industrial enterprise", "Organization of monitoring system of industrial enterprises", "Personnel administration in energy management of an industrial enterprise", etc.  Among the reporters and lecturers of the seminar there were Alexey Kudinov, the developer of energy-saving management ISO 16001:2009, Olga Goldina, the superior expert in rationing of energy resources, Alexander Klychkov, the member of the Expert board of the International forum of innovative technologies created by the President Administration for solving the questions of innovations in fuel and energy complex and energy efficiency.    

At the close of the seminar the organizers handed a thank-you letter to "Perm Engine Company", in which they emphasized, that "during the seminar an information concerning energy supply and activities aimed at energy saving in OJSC ‘PMZ" was presented, and this gave us the opportunity to turn all the actual problems and tasks the enterprises of OJSC "UIC "OBORONPROM" faced, to practical course".   

Olga Kazarinova, the leading specialist of the Chief power engineer department of OJSC "PMZ", and a participant of the workshop:  

- The seminar was organized to the highest level.  The lecturers delivered detailed and fairly comprehensive reports, and some practical classes were run. In the moment many projects aimed at decreasing costs or power, water and heating supply, are elaborated, and up to 2013 we are going to run the inner energy audit, that's why the knowledge we have got will be very useful. We would like this seminar to be held especially for "PMZ" employees, for not just specialists of the Chief power engineer could participate, but also specialists of economic, legal and production departments. The energy management problem is global, it embraces all the spheres of the enterprise activity, and that's why it's necessary for all our staff to be aware of its importance.