OREANDA-NEWS. June 19, 2012. It was published the next issue of digest Review of the banking sector of Ukraine for May 2012, which is prepared monthly by the experts of Kreditprombank. Digest covers the most significant events and trends in the financial and economic life of the country and contains macroeconomic indicators and forecasts (including, the possible consequences of euro-crisis), estimate of consumer sentiment of business, analysis of key indicators of banking sector of Ukraine, banking product trends, relevant comments of leading national and world financial experts and bank top managers, etc., reported the press-centre of Kreditprombank.   

Interesting facts:

- according to study of GfK Ukraine, according to the confidence level of Ukrainians to various social institutions banks hold 2-nd place after the church with the index of 16-18%;

- about 80% of Ukrainians spend twice as much time to prepare for the goods purchase rather than for the purchase itself, and in the choosing process they trust the opinions on goods on the Internet (source: TNS Ukraine, Digital Lifes study).

The full version of the digest can be downloaded on the following link: http://www.kreditprombank.com/upload/content/385/may052012.pdf.

In addition, Kreditprombank offers for your attention two more editions - digests Ukraine. 7 days and Kreditprombank: key events. Weekly digest Ukraine. 7 days focuses on key events of previous week in the economic, legislative, industrial and financial dimensions. Quarterly digest Kreditprombank: key events introduces customers with the most significant news of the Bank, as well as current banking services and offers.