OREANDA-NEWS.  June 19, 2012. Sviaz-Bank’s branch in Tyumen opened a revolving credit line with a debt limit of 300 million rubles to Integra Geophysics OJSC for a period of six month for the company to build up its working capital, reported the press-centre of Sviaz-Bank.   

The company provides a wide range of services in field geophysics, such as prospecting, exploration, and wildcat drilling in oil and gas fields by seismic exploration using modern technologies. Integra Geophysics OJSC enjoys a high reputation among oil and gas companies and has a vast experience of successful operations in different climates and geological conditions in Russia, CIS countries, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Integra Geophysics Open Joint-Stock Company is a leader in providing oil field services in Tyumen Region. It has been managed since 2012 by Geotech Holding CJSC, the biggest geological exploration company in Russia.