OREANDA-NEWS. June 19, 2012. Petroleos de Venezuela Socialista through the structural maintenance plan of its facilities, managed the launch of Merox Unit (U-13) located in the PDVSA Petroanzoategui upgrader, an action which translates into an estimated delivery of 2.400 barrels per month of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to the domestic market.

Fulfilling the goals set, the extra-heavy crude upgrade General Manager, attached to the Improvement Division of the Orinoco Oil Belt Directorate (DEFPO), revived the Oxidation of Mercaptans Unit, which has as main function to produce the LPG, raw materials used by industry for the production of domestic gas, among other applications aimed to benefit the people.

During the maintenance, equipment was adapted by replacing the pumps for other of higher capacity strengthening monolithic foundations that function as a support as well as the placement of the suction and discharge lines.  Likewise, it were replaced the power conductors and the accessories, which allow operational recovery, were optimized.

According to the strategic schedule to follow to achieve the objective of reviving the Merox Unit, PDVSA took into account the production of this product in the process of improving oil from Block Junin in the Orinoco Oil Belt, which will increase according to the Accelerated Production Plan.

So far, PDVSA Petroanzoategui is the only upgrader of the Industrial Complex General Division Jose Antonio Anzoategui, which has the capacity to produce LPG from its crude upgrading processes, coupled with the production of sulfur and coke.

Thus, PDVSA Petroanzoategui ensures compliance with production targets, mission that workers meet everyday in order to bring the greatest amount of happiness possible to the people of Venezuela.