OREANDA-NEWS. June 19, 2012. In advance of the 2012 London Olympic Games, today GE announced the launch of a new Facebook app called HealthyShare, a new tool for people to share health goals, track progress against goals and use friends as sources of inspiration and motivation toward better health. The app makes it easier for consumers to kick start their health goals using the 17 days of the Olympic Games as a time to stay motivated around improving their health.

 “Whether your goal is to lose weight, walk more or pursue an Olympic dream, GE believes that your friends can be good for your health. We want to give consumers a platform to get motivated around better health tapping into the Olympic spirit,” said Linda Boff, global executive director, digital, advertising and design, GE. “HealthyShare makes it easy for consumers to take something they are already doing – interacting with their friends online – and extend it in a fun and meaningful way around getting healthier.”

 Paul Adams, global head of brand design for Facebook said, “Many research studies show that our friends can help us live healthier lives. By supporting each other, we increase people's motivation, helping them meet their goals of feeling better, and being healthier and happier. This new tool by GE is the first step in a vision to help people be healthier by interacting with their friends. The plan is to learn quickly from this release and continually improve this tool together in the coming months.”