OREANDA-NEWS. June 20, 2012. Please be advised that from September 17, 2012 trading in the following securities will be suspended in CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange:

1. ordinary shares of Middle Ural Copper Plant JSC:

state registration number 1-01-00153-A as of 06.05.2008;

ISIN code RU0009831275;

trading system code SUMZ.

2. Ordinary shares of Corporation “Russkiye Samotsvety”:

state registration number 1-02-00345-D as of 20.12.2000;

ISIN code RU0009100689;

trading system code RSAM.

3. Ordinary shares of Joint stock company “Machinery plant”:

state registration number 1-02-03376-A as of 19.04.2005;

ISIN code RU000A0B8366;

trading system code MASZ.

4. Ordinary shares of Open Joint Stock Company “Kovrov mechanical plant”:

state registration number 1-02-05376-A as of 30.06.2009;

ISIN code RU0006753613;

trading system code KMEZ.

The securities are included in the section Unlisted securities of the List of securities admitted to trading in CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange.

From September 18, 2012 trading in the above-mentioned securities will be ceased in the MICEX Stock Exchange.

The decision to suspend and cease trading in the above-mentioned securities has been made in accordance with the Rules for listing, admission to trading and trading of securities in CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange based on applications on exclusion of the securities from the List of securities admitted to trading in the Exchange filed by the issuers and taking into account recommendations of the Securities Market Committee of the Exchange.