OREANDA-NEWS. June 22, 2012. IDGC of Urals, (RTS and MICEX: MRKU) reports on the Company's AGSM results.
The AGSM, arranged in the form of the simultaneous attendance of the shareholders, adopted resolutions on all AGSM agenda issues.
Our shareholders approved 2011 annual report, annual financial statements, including report profit and loss statement. The AGSM also decided to distribute the net profit equaling RUR 2 548 050 thous. to the reserved fund (RUR 127 403 thous.), to enterprise development (RUR 2 175 842 thous.) and dividends (RUR 244 805 thous.). Dividends per one common share totaled RUR 0.0028.
According to the voting results the membership of the Company's BoD is as follows:

Konstantin Mikhailovich YUSHKOV, Portfolio advisor at a branch of Wermuth Asset Management GmbH,
Mikhail Yuryevich KURBATOV, A MB member, Deputy General Director at IDGC Holding,

Aleksey Yuryevich STEPANOV, Director of Operating Control and Management and Mobilization Department at the Russian Ministry of Energy

Sergey Evgenyevich YURCHUK, Director for Finance at IDGC Holding,

Taras Vyacheslavovich SHEVCHENKO, Head of Purchase Department at IDGC Holding,

Dmitry Olegovich AKHRIMENKO, Deputy Head of Corporate Governance and Shareholder Relations Department at IDGC Holding,

Valery Nikolayevich RODIN, General Director of IDGC of Urals,

Andrey Evgenyevich MUROV, Deputy Head at IDGC Holding,

Aleksey Yuryevich VORONIN, Deputy Head of Tariff |Department at IDGC Holding,

Mikhail Viktorovich AZOVTSEV, M&A Director at Integrated Energy Systems,

Dmitry Sergeevich FEDOROV, Director for Investments at Infrastructure Capital.

The Company's Audit Commission is as follows:

Maksim Nikolaevich DANILOV, Head of Internal Audit Department at Integrated Energy Systems,

Izumrud Aligadzhievna ALIMURADOVA, Internal Audit and Risk Management Director (Head of Internal Control and Risk Management Department at IDGC Holding,

Vladimir Nikolayevich ARKHIPOV, Head of Security Department at IDGC Holding,

Olga Sergeevna SINITSYNA, Chief expert of Audit and Expertise Section of Internal Audit and Risk Management Department at IDGC Holding,

Nikolai Aleksandrovich BELYAEV, Leading expert of Audit and Expertise Section of Internal Audit and Risk Management Department at IDGC Holding,
The AGSM approved KPMG, as the auditor for 2012. Besides, the shareholders approved the Regulations on the Procedure for BoD Convention and Arrangement in a new version.