OREANDA-NEWS. June 22, 2012. NOMOS-BANK paid the eighth coupon on its Series-09 bonds (individual state registration number 40502209V, dated 24.01.2008), reported the press-centre of NOMOS-BANK. 

Bond holders received RUB 31.16 per bond, based on annualized coupon rate of 6.25%. Total payout on the first coupon was RUB 155.8 million.

NOMOS-BANK has three issues of standard rouble bonds in circulation at the present time These are Series-09 (RUB 5 billion), Series-11 (RUB 5 billion) and Series-12 (RUB 5 billion). The Bank also has two outstanding issues of exchange bonds (bonds not requiring registration by the official regulator), namely BO-1 (RUB 5 billion) and BO-2 (RUB 5 billion). All of the issues are traded on the A list (Level—1) at the MICEX stock exchange. Series-09, ?11 and ?12, as well as the BO-1 exchange bonds are also included in the Lombard list and list of securities that are acceptable for securing direct REPO transactions with the Bank of Russia.

In addition to its local bonds, NOMOS-BANK also has four issues of eurobonds outstanding with total value of USD 1450 million. A USD 200 million senior issue was placed in December 2009 with maturity in 2012 and a USD 400 million senior issue was placed in 2013 with maturity in October USD 350 million subordinate issue was placed in April 2010 to mature in 2015 and a USD 500 million issue was placed in April 2012 maturing in 2019.