OREANDA-NEWS. June 22, 2012. Belarusian retailer Eurotorg Ltd (Evroopt trademark) has complained about resistance of the local authorities, which are reluctant to allot land plots of new outlets. Eurotorg CEO Andrei Zubkov made a statement to that effect during an online news conference.

“The local authorities are putting up barriers to prevent the arrival of our retail network. They fear lest Evroopt should strangle other traders,” Zubkov said. “In practice, however, the arrival of Evroopt contributes to competition, which causes the prices to go down, while service standards go up. The majority of local shops are on the lookout for our weak points and try to improve their business. We encourage shop owners to learn from us,” Zubkov said.

The company director complained that in most cases the local authorities would reject applications for land allotment.

Eurotorg Ltd is a large retail network in Belarus with over 80 outlets all over the country.