OREANDA-NEWS. June 22, 2012. The building of electrical supply of Power Unit No. 1 normal operation has become the first of constructions on the platform of the second Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, which has reached constructional readiness. Specialists of TITANSTROIMONTAZH CJSC, the subsidiary company of TITAN-2 Holding, have performed the works on erection of this object.

The building of electrical supply of normal operation is one of the group of buildings of the so-called turbine island, to which buildings of the turbine, water preparation and industrial heating are also included. This building is one of the main buildings, which ensure functioning of the Nuclear Power Plant.

Construction of the building to the roof was accomplished by builders of TITANSTROIMONTAZH CJSC in the last decade of April. The object total floor area made 6 thousand square meters, and its height – 16 meters. Builders of TITANSTROIMONTAZH CJSC performed works on installation of the object underground and overground constructions.

After completion of the construction part, specialists of TITANSTROIMONTAZH CJSC will start carrying out finishing works. In the nearest future two more organizations of Holding –TITANVENTEKH CJSC and SEM OJSC will begin installation of the ventilating equipment, fire extinguishing systems, and electrical installation works.

Builders of TITAN-2 Holding are planning to finish construction works of all buildings of the turbine island of Power Unit No.1 of Leningrad NPP till the end of 2012.