OREANDA-NEWS. June 22, 2012. First one thousand two hundred cubic meters of concrete were placed into the foundation of Power Unit No.1 reactor building of Nuclear Power Plant being built in Kaliningrad region.

Concrete casting of the foundation plate of Power Unit No.1 reactor is an important event, from which the main period of Nuclear Power Plant building is reckoned.

On April 21 the builders of TITANSTROIMONTAZH CJSC, a subsidiary company of TITAN-2 HOLDING, placed first cubic meters of concrete into the foundation plate of Power Unit No.1 reactor building of Baltic NPP. In the process of works the first bay was concreted, into which one thousand two hundred cubic meters of concrete had been placed. The concrete was delivered to the construction site by UPP OJSC factory, which is a part of SUS OJSC.

Let us remind that this significant event was preceded by a long period of preparation. Since January of this year, the builders of TITANSTROIMONTAZH CJSC have performed works on complicated reinforcing of the foundation plate of the reactor building. Engineering and technical personnel of the Holding together with representatives of General Contractor of the Customer and the Designer have developed and coordinated project-planning works, flow diagrams, schemes of mechanization for reinforcing of a complex construction, and also regulations on concreting. About 1.5 thousand tons of metalware was placed into the basement of the reactor building by the constructors.

The reactor foundation concreting will proceed till the middle of May. In total, some 5.5 thousand of cubic meters of concrete will be placed by Holding builders into one of the main structural components of the construction.

In 2012 the companies of TITAN-2 Holding should perform up to 50% of the total amount of works on the building site of Baltic NPP.  The number of Holding employees working on the construction site today is 450 persons, 328 persons of them are residents of Kaliningrad region. About 130 of technique units are used at the construction, entering the own park of vehicles and machinery of the Holding companies.