OREANDA-NEWS. June 22, 2012. A meeting of Igor Shuvalov, First Vice-Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, and SKOLKOVO Executive MBA and MBA students and graduates took place at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Mr. Shuvalov, being a member of the SKOLKOVO business school Advisory Board, attentively follows up the school development from the moment of its foundation and actively participates in meetings with its representatives.

So, on Thursday Igor Shuvalov visited the SKOLKOVO Campus in order to discuss priorities of the new government work. The meeting was held in the form of an open discussion with the business-school students and graduates and touched upon a wide range of issues concerning key tasks that the government faces in a number of directions: regional and trade development, tax and customs regulation, perspectives of business growth and social trends in Russia.

Answering the question regarding plans of the new government Mr. Shuvalov said, “Our intentions are quite simple: we can’t afford ourselves to spend more than planned, and we must keep up the pace of priority directions development such as accommodation, education and health care”.

“The ability to live by law is the major condition that stipulates the maintenance of our country’s wealth. The turning point for it has come”, - he added in the course of his performance.

In the end of the meeting Mr. Shuvalov thanked the SKOLKOVO students and graduates for an efficient discussion, having wished them to live and work in favour of our country applying all the opportunities that we have in Russia today.