OREANDA-NEWS. June 25, 2012. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the most drastic decline was registered in railway transportation: 22.6% down to 1 mln. 382 thou. t.

The biggest share of all cargoes loaded at railway stations of Moldova fell to crops and flour production and made up 25% against 47,3% in January-May, 2011; it is followed by ferrous metal and scrap (20,9% against 13,5%) and building materials and cement (19,6% against 11,9%). A volume of truck transportation the share of which made up 52,9% of the total volume of transportation grew 4% to 1 mln. 595,8 thou. t.

About 53,8% were transported by carriers of Chisinau, 10,9% by carriers of Balti. Then follow the regions of Orhei (6,9%), Nisporeni (5,2 %), Straseni (3,2%), Aneni Noi (3,1%), Taraclia (2,5%), Ialoveni (2,2%). Within this period it was transported 35.9 thou. by river transport, 16,9% down as compared with January-April, 2011 and 0,7 thou. t. by air, 29,7% up.