OREANDA-NEWS. June 25, 2012. The Government undertakes robust efforts on the investing in the intellectual development of youth. This was started by Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov during the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine award -giving ceremonies for special achievements in the development of young people in Ukraine.

Welcoming the young people on this important event, Mykola Azarov said: " all the roads lie open to you, because our country, economy, the scope of government action needs young, energetic, creative people who can introduce the new in the development of our economy . In order to bring something new we must remember our past, our history. Only then can we find something new in all, when you know very well what is happening in science, being fast with the field, which you learn, know the technology and production organization in the industry. And only when you are experts in your field, you can find "bottlenecks", and can suggest new directions for their implementation".

According to him, you should not only possess the necessary knowledge, but also have a sharp analytical mind. The Prime Minister stressed that ability should constantly being developed and improved.

In addition, Mykola Azarov noted that the Government will support the young professionals who think outside the box and look for original solutions to problems.

At the same time, as the Prime Minister emphasized, he hopes that the youth that will have such qualities in the future will occupy senior positions in the state.

"I would like you to have changed us over time; I would like to see a decent shift. Sooner or later we will move away from the leadership of the state, and would like to change came not talkers, not demagogues. They are, unfortunately, has been in power, but nothing good for the country did not. I would like to see us come to replace the talented youth, which sees the goal, he knows what to do to achieve that sense of responsibility to society, the people and especially to himself, "- said Mykola Azarov.

He recalled that the Government has increased the recruitment to schools in the engineering profession, the profession of IT-technologies. The Government also supports initiatives to build service housing for young professionals. The Prime Minister gave an example of SE "Antonov", one of the young specialists thanked for the fact that the Government invests in intelligence.