OREANDA-NEWS. June 25, 2012. To implement the decision made by Motor Sich JSC General Shareholders' Meeting held on 22 March, 2010, which decided to allocate a part of net profit for dividend payout in an amount equal to UAH 25 per share, on 23 March, 2012, Motor Sich JSC Supervisory Board decided that:

1. The account date when the list of persons entitled to receive dividends is considered to be     03 April 2012.

2. The shareholders entitled to receive dividends, as well as stock exchanges of the First Stock Trading System (FSTS) and ‘Ukrainian Stock Exchange’ close corporation are to be informed on dividend payment in accordance with Regulations on Motor Sich JSC dividend payment procedure.

The following are due dates for dividend disbursement:

20 June, 2012: date of payment commencement;

22 September, 2012: date of payment end.