OREANDA-NEWS.  June 26, 2012. Standard & Poor’s rating agency confirmed the report due to which long-term credit ratings of Kazakhtelecom JSC and national scale rating have been confirmed at the same level: "BB" forecast is stable and "kzA", reported the press-centre of Kazakhtelecom.

JSC "Kazakhtelecom", the national carrier of Kazakhstan and one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in the former Soviet Union, provides a broad spectrum of infocomm services.

51% of Kazakhtelecom JSC shares are appropriated by the state represented by Samruk-Kazyna Fund of national prosperity JSC. The following are included to the structure of Kazakhtelecom JSC group of companies: "Altel" JSC (100%), "Nursat" JSC (77,08%), "Signum" LLC (100%), "Vostoktelecom" LLC (100%), "KT Cloud Lab" LLC (100%), "Radio Tell" LLC (100%), "Online.kg" LLC (100%) (as of 31.03.2012). Today group of companies of Kazakhtelecom JSC covers all main markets of consumers of infocommunication services.

The central office is located in the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana. The company employs about 30 thousand people. JSC "Kazakhtelecom" has regional offices in each area of the country and provides services throughout the country. According to operative data as of 1 January 2009 the company serves more than 3, 333 million fixed-line subscribers. The telephone density in the Republic of Kazakhstan is an average of 21.3 fixed lines per 100 people. JSC "Kazakhtelecom" closely cooperates and works with more than 40 operators from both near and far abroad.

JSC "Kazkahtelecom" is implementing a number of major infrastructure projects, upgrading and digital telecommunications networks, the introduction of new technologies providing for the villages, as well as the development of broadband Internet access.

Currently, Kazakhstan has an independent and competitive telecommunications network, the operation which is largely attributable to the implementation of JSC "Kazakhtelecom" largest state project - the construction of an information superhighway (INSM). This project helped to make a significant step towards the creation of "digital States", infrastructure "electronic government", and "information society". In addition, NISH will ensure the integration of Kazakhstan into the world information space.

INSM includes fiber-optic communication lines with total length of more than 11 500 km, linking between the regional centers of the country, the city of Almaty and Astana. In designing schemes INSM addressed such important factors as the advantageous geographical position of the republic, the organization of the digital-distance communications, quality assurance and reliability of international and regional channels, the organization with its neighbors.

An important direction of development of telecommunications sector is the modernization and development of the local telecommunications network, the construction of the data transmission network, the introduction of new services. JSC "Kazakhtelecom" develops backbone IP / MPLS. The project established multi routers for large-scale introduction of new services of data transmission. At the level of regional and district centers in Kazakhstan in 2006, launched the service of broadband access to Internet-based technology ADSL - "Megaline", IP VPN.