OREANDA-NEWS. June 26, 2012. Credit-Rating agency assigned uaAA- credit rating to the issue of inscribed interest-bearing unsecured bonds (series E and F) of PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY “FIRST UKRAINIAN INTERNATIONAL BANK” (FUIB) of UAH 1 billion with maturity dates: series E bonds, 10.06.2015; series F bonds, 12.07.2015. Rating outlook – stable. The rating action was performed on the basis of the FUIB’s financial statements for 2007- 2011 and 1Q2012 and other data provided by the Bank for rating purposes.

According to the applied rating scale the borrower or debt instrument with assigned uaAA- credit rating is characterised by the very strong creditworthiness against other Ukrainian borrowers or debt instruments. Plus (+) and Minus (-) signs indicate rating subcategories in the main grades.

Stable outlook indicates that at present there are no anticipated rating downgrade reasons within one year.

Credit Strengths:

loan portfolio diversification by major borrowers and business activities;

adequate capital and liquidity;

diversified funding by sources and major creditors;

well-balanced asset/liability maturities;

adequate performance indicators;

nationwide branch network and robust card business securing customer retention and the Bank’s competitive positions.

Credit Challenges:

exposure to currency and credit risks, which can put pressure on the capital;

significant share of bad debt in the loan portfolio;

almost flat business environment and difficulties experienced so far by some economic sectors that constrain the effective demand for lending and have an adverse impact on the Bank’s financials.