OREANDA-NEWS. June 26, 2012. In May at Chernogorsky open-pit mine five TEREX TR100C dump trucks arrived. The first trucks of this make appeared at the open pit as far back as August 2011.

The installation of the aggregates went on easily, the open pit's workers made out the task by themselves, and the specialists of the service centre only controlled the process. The ten-month tests revealed TEREX's strong points. They certainly include the reliable and unfussy Cummins engines installed on the trucks, and a good gearbox from the world leading manufacturer Allison. In comparison with the similar aggregates of other companies Allison gear boxes are more efficient, durable and safe. Besides, the manufacturers take into account the specificity of the work conditions of the machines and specialization.

- In winter Terex dump trucks showed good results, - says Alexei Kilin, the executive director of SUEK-Khakasia Ltd., - they worked well even during hard frosts. The necessity to purchase Terex dump trucks was caused by increase in production facilities without increase in personnel. In comparison with 55-tons BelAZ trucks which the Chinese dump trucks are to replace Terex dump trucks' productivity is higher two times. They are able to work in complicated rock & technical conditions.

In the Siberian cola and energy company "Chernogorsky" became the first open-pit mine where Terex dump trucks underwent commercial testing. It is possible that in view of Chernogorsk experience further on the machines of this make will be introduced also at other open pit mines.