OREANDA-NEWS. June 26, 2012. Please be informed herewith that DCC and ZAO SurgutInvestNeft, Tyumen Branch (hereinafter the ‘Registrar') have entered into an agreement on the use of electronic document interchange (EDI).

The aforementioned agreement enables DCC to substantially reduce operational time for withdrawals in share registers.

The agreement with the Registrar stipulates that no additional fee shall be charged for execution of operations in share registers.

Execution terms for instructions of DCC Participants for withdrawal of securities into the share register via the EDI established between DCC and the Registrar are as follows:

 • deadline for submission of instructions to DCC for their execution in the share register on the same-day basis - 11:00 a.m. Moscow time;
 • on the next business day after execution of the operation in the share register the DCC Participant is provided with a paper form notification on the executed operation signed by an authorized person and affixed with the seal of the registrar.

For more detailed information on terms and conditions of operations in share registers via electronic links with registrars please see the DCC-Registrar EDI section or address your manager at DCC.