OREANDA-NEWS. June 26, 2012. GE Oil & Gas (NYSE: GE) will supply its Integrated Compressor Line (ICL) technology to Polish oil and gas company PGNiG Technologie for the extension of the Husow underground gas storage station. This project will mark the first installation of GEs ecomagination-qualified, emissions-reducing ICL technology in Poland and in Eastern Europe.

ICL is a fully integrated system that incorporates a high-speed electric motor drive and a centrifugal compressor in a single sealed casing. Because it lacks a combustion engine, uses oil-free active magnetic bearings and operates within a completely sealed case, the unit produces no direct carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and leaks no methane into the atmospherebalancing productivity and environmental concerns.

With these advanced features, the ICL technology is designed to meet growing operational and environmental challenges faced by compression plant operators. ICL is well suited for a range of applications including gas storage, fuel gas and export gas operations and transportation pipelines. Since the technologys introduction in 2007, 22 units have been installed in 10 projects across Western Europe.

The continued acceptance of our ICL technology demonstrates that our customers are eager for low emissions, cost-effective solutions for their gas storage and transportation challenges, said Prady Iyyanki, vice president of GE and president, Turbomachinery business of GE Oil & Gas. Already well established in Western Europe, this landmark project with PGNiG can showcase our technology for customers in Eastern Europe as well.

The use of an 8-megawatt ICL system, instead of a comparable gas turbine-driven compressor, can reduce CO2 emissions by 60 percent or more. Since the use of oil for the lubrication of bearings or other parts is not required, 30,000 liters of oil will be saved over the lifetime of an ICL compressor. The ICLs electric motor also is much less noisy than a conventional compressor and gas turbine drive.

GE plans to ship an 8-megawatt ICL unit for the Husow project in August of 2013 and will complete the installation before March of 2014.

ICL has received qualification as a GE ecomagination product. Ecomagination is GEs commitment to imagine and build innovative solutions to todays environmental challenges while driving economic growth.