OREANDA-NEWS. June 27, 2012. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, investments made up 4,58 thou. leis per capita in 2011 against 3,87 thou. leis in 2010. the greatest volume of investments was made in building and assembly works and made up 7 bln. 820,9 mln. leis, 1,4% up as compared with 2010. About 45,3% of a total amount of the investments were made in equipments, machines and transport means and made a sum of 7 bln. 400,5 mln. leis.

About 93,5% of which fell to imported equipment, machines and transport means, 26% up as compared with 2010. Main sources of financing investments remained internal funds of companies and population, being 61,6% of a total sum (10 bln.062,1 mln. leis), 6.3 p.p. down as compared with 2010. A share of foreign investments increased 2.9 p.p. to 20,5%.

Investments from the state budget made up 4.5% of a total sum, 0.6 p.p. down as compared with the same period of 2010. The bulk of investments were made in to the following branches of economy: Transport and communication (22%), real estate market (16.4%), processing industry (12.9%) and wholesale and retail (12.3%).