OREANDA-NEWS. June 27, 2012. A credit card and a debit card can be applied simultaneously by merely filling in one application form? This is true, reported the press-centre of IB.

Any customer applying for an IB credit card may enjoy the convenient service named “a form for two cards”. For customers, this innovative business boasts three advantages:

Convenient card activation with simple procedures
Only by fill ing in one application form for IB credit card, a customer can apply for an IB credit card together with IB “Natural Life” Family Wealth Management Card at the same time. While verifying the issuance of the credit card to the customer, IB will also send a SMS notice and prepare a wealth management card for the customer. The customer can receive the card from any outlet of IB in over 30 large- and medium-sized cities around China with his or her valid identity certificate and IB credit card. This fully simplifies the procedures for appl ication of a wealth management card, gives flexibility to the customer in terms of time and space, and hence significantly improves customer experience.

Convenient repayment, once and for all
When the customer receive s the wealth management card at any outlet of IB, the customer may handle the automatic repayment linkage between a credit card and a wealth management card. After depositing enough money into the wealth management card, the customer can save himself or herself from worrying about his or her personal credit due to missing the interest-free repayment period for credit card. Hence, the customer can enjoy comfortable consumption wi thout worry ing about arranging time for repayment.

Preferential services available in green channel
Every outlet of IB provides green channel service for the customers of “a form for two cards” to deal with the “Natural Life” Family Wealth Management Card according to the actual situation, including the opening of VIP window.

As for IB, the innovation of linked marketing also showcases the bank's efforts in pushing forward the development of “large- scale retail ing” business marketing system, and it is an active trial for integrating channels, improving process and optimizing customer structure.

In recent years, while increasing the card issuance scale, improving the development quality, and raising the profitability, IB has also accelerated the development of large- scale retail ing business, actively pushed forward the blended and crossed marketing of credit card and other retail businesses, and committed itself to providing all-sided and integrated financial services to the retail customers. Under the guidance of this concept, the bank innovatively released the business of “a form for two cards” to complement the daily promotion processes and functions of debit card and credit card in an effective way, and locat e the conjunction point for the joint marketing and promotion of credit card and debit card. IB ha s taken a successful step towards the joint development of credit card business and other retail businesses.

By the end of the first quarter of 2012, the customers of “a form for two cards” of the bank have exceeded 1.04 million, and the accumulative balance of savings in the linked debit card accounts reached RMB 15.1 billion. With the business “a form for two cards”, IB not only extends the customer sources of its savings business, but also further improves the user experience and loyalty of credit card customers.