OREANDA-NEWS. June 27, 2012. Grain growers in Turkmenistan have gained a labour victory - over million tons of wheat has been delivered to the receiving points of the country. Achievement of this high level provides the confidence in that grain growers will cope with the main task of the 2012 harvesting campaign – to harvest the rich crop of wheat and deliver 1.600 million tons of high-quality grain to the receiving point of the Motherland.

The Turkmen Government pays particular attention to the agricultural sector that is reflected in the technical modernization of the whole industrial infrastructure of the agricultural complex, development of chemical industry providing peasants with mineral fertilizers, solution of the reclamation and water supply issues. The most advanced agricultural equipment, including tractors, combines, and other machinery that is primarily tested in the specific soil and climatic conditions of each region, are purchased for the agro-industrial complex of the country. Moreover, overage agricultural equipment is handed over to peasants and private entrepreneurs who want to restore it free.

Speaking about the financial and economic factors of the agrarian reform, it should be mentioned about the preferential credits issued to peasant associations for purchase of agricultural equipment, and finance agricultural production. The regular increase of purchasing prices for various agricultural products, including wheat, as well as, introduction of the most advanced system of settling accounts between the state and its producers encourage agricultural workers.

The science plays an important role in improving the fertility of land and raising the level of crop yield, introducing the advanced agrotechnical technologies, as well as developing seed selection. A network of specialized research institutes, experimental farms, research and production centers that have become real polygons for the study of the most advance international experience, and conducting scientific researches and introduction of prospecting developments in practice.

The fact that, last year – for the first time in its history, Turkmenistan started exporting bread-grain is of significant importance in terms of the sustainable state development. In particular, 150,000 tons of wheat were exported to foreign markets through the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan in 2010, and 30,000 tons were delivered to the internal market.

In accordance with the Resolution signed by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan on June 15, the Turkmengallaonumlery Association was allowed exporting 300,000 tons of wheat of the 2011 harvest that exceeded the internal needs of the country.

In general, all this testifies to the successful solution of the task to ensure the food security in the country.

The harvesting campaign continues in the country. Every day thousands tons of ‘ak bugday’ are delivered to the receiving points. At present, grain growers in Lebap Velayat lead in the campaign.

This year Turkmen grain growers are to reap 1.6 million tons of grain from the area of about 860,000 hectares. The seeds of the best ak bugday varieties including such high-yield varieties as Sahrai, Yubileynaya-100, Juvan, Yoloten-1, Batko, Turkmenbashi-1 and Turkmenbashi that have proved themselves under the local climate and soil conditions were sown in fertilized tilled soil

Over 2,000 combine harvesters, including John Deere, Case, New Holland and Kaas machines are engaged in the 2012 harvest campaign. Over 6,000 trucks, including transport facilities of the Ministry of Motor Transport of Turkmenistan, the Turkmenobahyzmat Association, other ministries and sectoral departments as well as private vehicles engaged on the contractual basis deliver the harvested crop to the receiving points and elevators promptly and without losses.

Trucks deliver grain to 158 receiving points of the Turkmengallaonumlery Association that have been prepared and equipped by the beginning of the harvest campaign. Each of the points has a laboratory where specialists of the Turkmenstandartlary State Service will test the quality of grain delivered.

The Turkmengallaonumlery Association promptly settles accounts with grain growers at the local branches of the Dayhanbank State Commercial Bank.