OREANDA-NEWS. June 28, 2012. On the worldwide exposition of achievements in plant growing, gardening, park and landscape art Floriada, which is held once every 10 years and lasts for 6 months, Omsk region was represented by Mikhail Sutyaginsky, the head of the project PARK: Industrial-Agricultural Regional Clusters, reported the press-centre of Titan.

Ministry of Agriculture of RF represents our country on the vast pavilion Villa Flora, where agroindustrial enterprises and regions of RF take place with Omsk region among them. Wealth and traditions of Siberia in the sphere of agriculture were demonstrated by the project PARK: Industrial-Agricultural Regional Clusters.

Within the framework of the exhibition also Dutch-Russian Forum is working, where more than 150 participants are present representatives of authority, large agroindustrial business, research institutes and financial structures of the two countries. One of the sessions of the forum was dedicated to presentation of investment projects of Russian regions. Agroindustrial complex of PARK, which is part of investment program of Omsk region, was represented by Mikhail Sutyaginsky.

Telling about significant and diverse natural resources of the region, and also about innovative enterprises of the cluster, which create the basis for socio-economic development of the region, the head of PARK made specific stress on anchor production of the complex grains and biomass deep processing plant. Large scale project, which is absolutely unique for Russia, attracted attention of Dutch specialists. Omsk region is deservedly called the Siberian breadbasket. Omsk residents since long time ago were famous for their hospitality, - noticed Sutyaginsky in conclusion of the session. Nevertheless, large amount of problems in production of food products, ecology and infrastructure exist, but defined program of development, cluster approach and innovative nature of the new enterprises of PARK allows to provide qualitatively new level and efficiency of agroindustrial complex work in the region and, accordingly, growth of welfare of the population.

Yesterday M.A. Sutyaginsky also visited the largest greenhouse economy of Holland - Gipmans Planet, which is equipped with advanced technology and possesses developed logistical system. The head of the project conducted negotiations with the leader of the company Henk Gipmans, and proposed to discuss possibilities for cooperation within the framework of PARK. In particular, they discussed use of steam, heat, carbon monoxide which are produced as the result of work of the cluster enterprises, in greenhouse economies as cheap and ecologically pure energy resources. We are preparing a project of biogaseous boiler rooms, but it is absolutely possible to use excess heat also for plant growing, to make PARK enterprises absolutely wasteless and profitable. Mr. Gipmans showed readiness to participate in cooperation and agreed to visit PARK project site together with a team of specialists in order to evaluate the existing infrastructure.