OREANDA-NEWS. June 28, 2012. Minister of economy Alexander Trippel, who took up his post this week, made his first working visit to the objects of project PARK: Industrial-Agricultural Regional Clusters, reported the press-centre of Titan.

The project was presented to the minister by the head of the cluster program Mikhail Sutyaginsky, president of NP Center of Innovations, and also by the team of top-managers of Group of Companies Titan. The route of the trip included pig-breeding complex Petrovsky situated in Omsk district, provender mill, first turn of meat-packing plant, polypropylene plant company limited Poliom, public company Omsky Kauchuk.

The minister who had never been before on PARK sites, asked specific questions concerning technologies and equipment, socio-economic efficiency of the project for the region, ecology, provision of jobs for the residents of the region. In comparison with May 2010, when project PARK started, the number of jobs in Group of Companies increased by 20%. In construction of PARK objects also about 200 contracting organizations are engaged: builders, riggers, suppliers of construction materials. Organizations from different regions of Russia are working, but the preference is always given to Omsk region. We have also prepared volume of works for student construction brigades: this year the sites will accommodate three times more people than the year before, explained Mikhail Sutyaginsky.

Speaking about ecological constituent of the project, the head of PARK noticed, that literally two days ago the cluster program, which is being realized in Omsk region, was discussed on international conference of technological platform Bioenergetics. At present the project of the event resolution had been prepared. In particular, it defines main results of the work of the platform Bioenergy.

It means diversification of Russian economy at the expense of new products, transition to the new level of ecological standards, use of non-nutritional biomass in chemistry and adjacent branches, increase in complexity and intensity of feedstock processing etc. The project PARK was noticed as a pilot platform for creation of the base of industrial development of bioenergy. Let us mention, that project PARK enters technological platform Bioenergy, which is included in the row of technolotical platforms approved by the decision of Governmental Commission on High Technologies and Innovations (the management was conducted by Vladimir Putin) on 1 April 2011. The head of the project PARK Mikhail Sutyaginsky is co-chairman of the platform.

Conclusive part of the visit occurred in the Resource center of Group of Companies Titan, where Alexander Trippel saw visual demonstration of socio-economic significance of the project: new jobs, amount of investments both planned, and actually attracted, development of industrial and social infrastructure. 3D-presentation allowed the guests complexly evaluate PARK.

At the end of the meeting the Minister of Economy noticed, that one can hardly overestimate significance of such projects, because they meet the most significant state aims: development of innovation technologies, increase of feedstock processing intensity, creation of new jobs, including small and medium business. Project PARK will allow to increase tax income into budget exponentially, summed up the minister.