OREANDA-NEWS. June 28, 2012. The Citadele Bank is pleased to announce that in addition to contacts by phone, E-mail or the Internet banking system, clients now can also communicate with the bank via Skype. Citadele has set up a special profile in the system so that clients can contact its Client Support Centre at any time during the day and night. Other forms of communications will remain in place, reported the press-centre of Citadele Bank.

The bank’s Skype nickname is “banka_citadele”.

The director of the Citadele Bank’s Retail and SME Service Directorate, Dace Priede: “Those of our clients who use Skype can now use it to contact the bank. We’re always looking for new ways to communicate with our clients in as many ways as possible so that each client can choose the most appropriate one. The advantage for Skype is that you can make free calls even if you are travelling for business or leisure purposes. Clients from abroad have called the bank via Skype in the past, so we decided to open up our own profile so as to make the process more convenient. Our clients usually ring the Client Support Centre, but gradually they are also using E-mail and the Internet banking system. People have increasingly been using the social media, as well, and there have been increasing numbers of questions posted on the bank’s Twitter, Facebook and Draugiem.lv accounts.”

The most frequent questions posed by clients relate to payments, the status of their accounts, and the use of the Internet banking system. They also pose a wide variety of questions about payment cards (particularly the new Win-Win product). Clients are welcome to choose the form of communications that is most advantageous and secure for them. Questions about account status and payment will be answered by phone or the Internet system, while general information can be received electronically by writing to info@citadele.lv.

For security reasons, only the call opportunity has been connected for the Client Service Centre’s Skype system. Messages can instead by sent via the Internet bank, E-mail or the bank’s profiles on Twitter and Facebook.