OREANDA-NEWS.  June 28, 2012. A meeting of FBK Economic club "How much will Bolivar stand? " was held in Moscow. The experts had analyzed the volume of social obligations undertaken by government and had evaluated how much it was practicable to meet obligations in corpora, particularly in case of the macroeconomic situation worsening, reported the press-centre of FBK.

Igor Nikolaev, Director of FBK Strategic Analysis Department has noted that the social payments had stably taken the second place in the structure of the population`s income (after emoluments). And by results of 2011 their percentage was 18.2. "This is the highest level for all recent forty two years of this factor statistical observations. Even under the socialism the government couldn`t afford it. The highest index at times of the Soviet planned economy made up 16.4 per cent (1991) ", - the economist cited data. According to him these figures set thinking whether such obligations can be met: "The Minfin recent proposals of decreasing military and pension cost, recalculation of the poverty level and increase of retirement age are symptomatic.

Let`s also not forget about other proposals actively worked through in different departments. For instance, a desire to establish government control over the obligatory accumulative part of pension is extremely significant. In power-holding structures they are already trying to find a way to save, realizing that social obligations are supernormal", - I. Nikolaev has noticed.

Director of Megapolis Development Institute Tatyana Maleva has noted that the growth of social cost is the general feature of postindustrial society but the Russian society can`t be named like this though. "The pension system here is the first factor among equal ones. In 2007 the pensionary deductions made up five per cent of GDP and in 2011 – already nine per cent. Only rich countries can afford the annual one per cent growth but for Russia this is hardly justified", - the expert considers. According to Sergey Smirnov, director of Institute of Social Policy and Social-Economic Programmes, deputy pro-rector of National Research University Higher School of Economics as a result of the social policy in recent years people believed that the government has to support them. The system of social expenditures needs nor yet manual but pointed setup. It must be conducted an analytical work and corrected deficiencies the government wants to expel the social cataclysms", - the expert has noted.