OREANDA-NEWS. June 28, 2012. Recently, Baosteel Engineering's Shanghai Baosteel Energy Technology Co., Ltd. successfully undertakes Xiangtan Steel energy-saving diagnosis and planning projects. Baosteel Energy will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic analysis for the energy use in Xiangtan Steel's coking, sintering, iron making, steelmaking, rolling and public auxiliary system, check energy conservation barriers, look for energy-saving potential, develop energy optimization program and raise energy saving improvement suggestions and energy saving renovation overall solution during the 12th five year plan period, reported the press-centre of Baosteel.    

This is also the first time that Baosteel Energy provides other enterprises with energy-saving diagnostic consulting service.

Prior to this, Baosteel Energy has implemented Meishan Steel "12th five year plan energy conservation planning, Shaoguan Steel and Baosteel Desheng energy saving diagnosis projects.The good results achieved by the projects have aroused Xiangtan Steel's interest. After the two sides exchange visits, they decide that Baosteel Energy  provides Xiangtan Steel with full range energy-saving diagnosis and planning.

According to contract, Baosteel Energy will provide Xiangtan Steel with 5 diagnostic spheres: energy infrastructure management, power systems, furnace system, waste heat utilization system and energy systems' balancing and scheduling technology optimization.The project will be implemented in two phases and be completed by the end of October this year.