OREANDA-NEWS. June 28, 2012. When you are travelling or are on business in Shanghai, you live in hotel. You open the warm water and enjoy the hot bath and relax. At this moment you may not know that you are establishing an incredible connection with an iron and steel enterprise, reported the press-centre of Baosteel.    

Recently, Baosteel introduces a new heat exchange technology, which successfully converts the heat of blast furnace slag cooling water into domestic water. At present, this domestic water with steel temperature is well received in dozens of Shanghai hotels, schools and working units including Tongji University and Jinjiang Hotel.

The blast furnaces of the iron and steel enterprises produce large amount of water slag every day. Water slag tapping temperature is over 400 degrees Celsius and must be cooled by industrial water before reuse. Every day iron and steel enterprises consume large amount of industrial water for water slag cooling. After primary cooling operation. industrial water temperature rises up to 100 degrees Celsius and must be cooled in slag pool to a certain temperature before recycling. Heat is wasted and the cooling efficiency is also affected.

This year, Baosteel Stainless Steel works with a domestic new energy company, introduces its self-patented technology and starts implementation of the "blast furnace slag water warm-up application" contract energy management project. By lifting pump hot water in the slag pool is sent to efficient heat transfer equipment and have heat exchange with the domestic water of room temperature. After the heat exchange, industrial slag water is instantly cooled and discharged into the slag pool and back to the blast furnace for recycling, while heated high-temperature domestic water is put into the reserve tank. After professional vehicles transport it out of the factory, it is put to normal use.

In the heat exchange process, the two different kinds of water does not blend, they are in different pipes and only touch each other and do instantaneous heat exchange. Inspection and appraisal by Putuo District Disease Prevention and Control Center shows that domestic water after water heat exchange is in line with relevant standards and the effect of heat transfer is up to 93%.

At present, Baosteel Stainless Steel daily provides Shanghai with 1000 tons of high temperature domestic water for bathing and washing after slag water heat exchange. In future, this high temperature water will be used in a number of areas such as food processing and geothermal warming. It will save energy resources for the community and has great promotional value. Meanwhile Baosteel Stainless Steel blast furnace slag recycling water consumption drops significantly and slagging efficiency improves significantly. It is estimated that the annual energy saving is 2300 tons of standard coal, with more than 5000000 yuan of economic benefits.