OREANDA-NEWS. June 27, 2012. The General Annual Shareholders Meeting of OJSC Enel OGK-5 was held on June, 20th, 2012 in Moscow. The meeting was attended by the shareholders holding in aggregate more than 89,76% percent of the total voting stocks. The list of persons eligible to participate in the meeting was drawn up as of May 2nd, 2012.

The main issues in agenda were the approval of the Companys annual report for 2011, approval of the annual financial statements including the profit and loss statement of the Company, approval of the Companys profit allocation upon the results of the year 2011, election of the members of the Companys Board of Directors, election of the members of the Companys Internal Audit Commission, approval of the Companys Auditor, introduction of changes in the Companys Bylaws.

The General Annual Shareholders Meeting approved the annual report for 2011 and the annual financial statements of the Company for 2011.

Acting on a proposal of the Board of Directors, the Shareholders meeting approved the allocation of Net Profit of 2011 to the financing of Enel OGK-5s investment programme aimed at equipment modernization and fulfillment of environmental commitments.

Enrico Viale, Director-General of Enel OGK-5 stated: The past year 2011 was a landmark for our company. We put into operation two new CCGTs with capacity of 410 MW each, thus becoming the first generation company to completely fulfill its investment obligations in Russia. Now, we are looking forward to new opportunities, focusing on modernization of our generation capacity and increasing efficiency of our operations, thus securing future returns to our shareholders.

The Shareholders Meeting of OJSC Enel OGK-5 elected the new Board of Directors composed by 11 members:

Dominique Fache

Enrico Viale

Carlo Tamburi

Marco Arcelli

Giulio Antonio Carone

Renato Mastroianni

Gerald Joseph Rohan

Sergey Vladimirovich Marinich

Roderick Peacock

Hilko Schomerus

Tagir Aliyevich Sitdekov

The Shareholders Meeting of OJSC Enel OGK-5 elected the new Internal Audit Commission of the Company and appointed LLC Ernst & Young as the Companys Auditor. The Shareholders Meeting also introduced changes in OJSC Enel OGK-5s bylaws concerning the registered address of the Company. Moreover, the new version of the Rules of procedure for convention and holding of general shareholders meetings of OJSC Enel OGK-5 has been approved. The Shareholders Meeting also approved a number of related-party transactions in the area of energy trading and gas supply which can be concluded in the future in the process of the Company performing its ordinary economic activity.