OREANDA-NEWS. September 28, 2012. As it was reported earlier, in September, 2012 NIBULON purchased capital assets and property complex of Mykolayiv shipbuilding yard Lyman.

For its 126-year history the shipbuilding yard has changed its name six times:

1886  Base of Mykolayiv Commercial Sea Port workshops;

1938  Ship repair yard of Chornomortehflot company;

1941 Small south shipyard;

1959 Black Sea Ship repair yard;

1981  Black Sea marine engineering shipyard.

In 1995 the shipbuilding yard was privatized. In 2000 it was named JSC Shipbuilding Yard Lyman. Until recently it has been called PJSC Shipbuilding Yard Lyman.

Taking into account its long history, geographical location and also present prospective destination, it was decided that a new unit of NIBULON, intended for shipbuilding and ship repair, should be named Shipbuilding Yard NIBULON, where a historical heritage and a modern highly developed company will be combined. The given decision was made on September 16, the Day of Mykolayiv city.

Concerning the shipbuilding yard activity, by April 1, 2013 its team will have completed an implementation of previous projects. At the same time NIBULONs specialists will define stages and level of reconstruction of out-of-date shipbuilding yard facilities by carrying out design works. On their completion there will be started a reconstruction of the shipbuilding yard.

Its goal is to ensure repair, technical inspection of fleet with vessels up to 150 m length, and construction of production line on vessels building with displacement up to 5 thousand tons for further logistics development of NIBULON.

At present we carry out works with several design companies (including the company KEMCO in South Korea) on the basis of an open tender. The reconstructed shipbuilding yard will become a shipbuilding and ship repair base for NIBULONs fleet.

Within this preparation and tendering on September 21, 2012 the main transshipment terminal of NIBULON and the shipbuilding yard NIBULON were visited by KEMKO management, namely President of the company B.G. Kim and Director of the Representative office in CIS Ge Ir Bin.

During negotiations our Korean partners proposed a project on complex reconstruction of the shipbuilding yard with supply of all necessary equipment. Besides, the management of Korean company inspected the shipbuilding yard territory in detail in order to correct or adjust their own project.

Kemco interest and its participation in the tender are quite logical, as South Korea is one of the recognized world leaders in pace of shipbuilding development. Strength and professionalism of KEMCO company are proved by the fact that KEMCO company together with Kazahstan government built a shipbuilding yard in Aktau city, and also constructed a shipbuilding yard near Saint Petersburg and a port in Rostov region (on the Sea of Azov) in cooperation with the government of the Russian Federation.

Now the tender for reconstruction of the shipbuilding yard NIBULON is still open. Those companies which want to participate in the tender can send their commercial offers to NIBULON.