OREANDA-NEWS. September 28, 2012. The "AGRO-2012" agricultural exhibition held in Kiev presented two brand new grain carriers of increased cubic capacity on KAMAZ-53215 and KAMAZ-65115 chassis to Ukrainian farmers.

The vehicles on KAMAZ chassis with bodies produced by the Ukrainian company OOO Zernotrans were demonstrated at their booths by official dealers of KAMAZ in Ukraine – Avtotsentr KAMAZ and OOO Tekhnotorg Don. The grain carrier on KAMAZ-53215 chassis features a body capacity of 29m3, and, in combination with a NEFAZ trailer of a larger cubic capacity, it can carry 62m3 of grain, like the whole carload. One of the major advantages of these vehicles is their lightweight equipment, which enables to increase the mass of transported cargoes. Besides, the body is designed to be rigid. Also, the vehicles use hydraulics by HYVA – the world’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic equipment.

KAMAZ grain carriers are designed to carry crops for long and short distances and made in two versions – rear and side loading.