OREANDA-NEWS. September 28, 2012.  By 2030 a share of nuclear electricity generation in Russia should be 25% up to 27%. A Nuclear.Ru’s special correspondent in Udomlya reported this as said by Rosatom director general Sergey Kiriyenko before journalists after Kalinin-4 commercial commissioning ceremony on September 25. “Construction of new nuclear generating capacities should be “accordingly to a growth of demand for electricity,” Kiriyenko emphasized.
In coming 15 years Rosatom plans to build 28 up to 36 nuclear reactors, Kiriyenko stated. “In is not reasonable to extend service lives of a number of reactors [in Russia], especially the preceding generation reactors,” he explained. Nuclear power plants that require replacement of power units include Leningrad, Smolensk and Kursk plants, according to Kiriyenko. These plants operate RBMK reactors. The current share of nuclear electricity in Russia’s energy mix is about 16.5%.