OREANDA-NEWS. October 10, 2012. Doctor Web has updated software components in its Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite and Dr.Web Server Security Suite supporting centralized administration. The update will significantly improve performance and stability of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite products.

It incorporates a new version of the firewall with tweaked user interface, updated drivers, and all the cutting-edge features implemented in anti-viruses for home users. The new version of the virus scanner boasts higher speed and supports multi-thread virus-check. In addition, the scanner also features a new graphical user interface. Also, the Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite agent incorporates Dr.Web Net Filtering Service and the Dr.Web Net Filter driver for Windows which replace the outdated technology to intercept traffic via the LSP stack and supersede SpIDer Mail monitor and SpIDer Gate HTTP monitor processes.

The Dr.Web SelfPROtect module has its performance improved and known errors fixed. In particular, Dr.Web applications have become more resistant to attempts to disrupt their operation by rootkits capable of intercepting API calls.

The Scanning Engine service also has received many improvements: in particular, an issue that could cause its abnormal termination upon the service's restart or virus databases reloading has been resolved, memory leaks that could occur while using the quarantine manager as well as errors that might disrupt its operation in Windows versions for the East Asian countries have been fixed.

Among other things, the file monitor SpIDer Guard (NT), language modules and help files have been updated.

The new components—the new version of the scanner , as well as Dr.Web Net Filtering Service and Dr.Web Net Filter for Windows will work under Windows 2000 Service Pack SP4 and Rollup 1 , Windows XP with the SP2 and above, Windows 2003 Service Pack 1 and above, Windows Vista and above. These components won't be available for other versions of Windows.

The components incorporated into the Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 6.0.4, are Windows 8 ready.

The update will be automatically downloaded by the anti-viruses but applying the update will require a system reboot.