OREANDA-NEWS. March 19, 2013. The meeting, presided over by CEO Chung Joonyang, was held with the attendance of 80 officers and employees of 25 POSCO Family companies connected between Seoul, Gwangyang, and Pohang.

Prior to the main meeting, a ceremony for the 2nd annual POSCO Family Quality Management Awards was held. Evaluations were based on results of the quality management diagnosis carried out for POSCO and 22 POSCO Family companies last October.

The grand prize went to POSCO E&C, the innovation prize to POSCO COMTECH, and the improvement prize to eNtoB. Buhmwoo and Gwanghee both received the synergy award.

The ceremony was followed by presentations and debates on the POSCO Family company presidents` quality management execution results, this year`s execution strategy and plans to strengthen quality management in the future.

Execution directions per business division were: # Steel Division, strengthening product and service competitiveness to create customer value; # Construction and Information Communication Technology (ICT) Division, increasing process-based task execution capability; # Trade•Energy•Support Divisions, optimizing the business process from a quality perspective; and #Material•Chemical Division, forming a culture of compliance to basics and principles and strengthening the core of shared growth in the supply chain.

CEO Chung requested, ``As global competition is becoming more intense each day, we must complete the quality management system early to increase competitiveness and secure continuous competitive advantages.

To do so, I ask that the POSCO Family`s quality management maturity be brought up to a global leader level. Also, we must increase the quality of service along with our products and differentiate from competitors, secure core quality and expand the quality certification system for shared growth.``

He also added, ``The thanks sharing activities are carried out company-wide, so apply these activities to quality management well for higher employee participation and a higher level of sincerity.``

POSCO, through this strategic debate, plans on expanding the understanding of establishing a global quality management system of the POSCO Family, and achieve POSCO`s quality vision, `The POSCO Quality,` based on innovative capabilities and an owner`s mind.