OREANDA-NEWS. MegaFon has launched the commercial operation of fourth generation 4G (technology LTE) throughout the Republic, providing its customers with high-speed mobile internet access.

The main advantage of MegaFon 4G networks (data technology LTE), compared with the capabilities of previous generations of mobile networks 2G / 3G, is high-speed mobile Internet access — up to 50 Mbps per second. These data rates allow customers of MegaFon’s new networks to instantly download any web page, to communicate with friends on social networks, post photos and videos, download music or video in high quality, watch TV programs in real time and much more.

"Today, MegaFon in South Ossetia is an innovative operator in mobile data transfer. We have already made the mobile Internet on 3G technologies truly affordable for the residents of the republic — said Chief Executive Officer Oleg Savchuk. The infrastructure of our network is very well prepared for the transition to a new technological level. The launch of the 4G network offers our customers a new quality of Internet services and access to all the currently known high-tech Internet services."

Primary technological feature of the 4G network — it will work with existing networks 3G (UMTS) and 2G (GSM) throughout the Republic. This means that owners of devices with support for 4G LTE, when out of range of the new network will be automatically redirected to MegaFon’s 3G/2G network, while maintaining access to the mobile Internet.

MegaFon in South Ossetia offers a range of tariff options for 4G-Internet, through which the true worshipers of high technology will now be able to choose for themselves not only the necessary amount of traffic, but also the rates for mobile Internet of the newest generation. To become a user of the 4G mobile Internet is easy! It is enough to define a mobile device for the network 4G LTE, connected to the tariff "MegaFon-Login LTE RSO" and select the appropriate option — "Light LTE" or "Fast LTE", which provide the customer with the volume of traffic at high speeds.

For the first users of the new network in South Ossetia, the company has prepared a special offer. On March 15, the city will start selling a universal modem "MegaFon E392". The unit is sold complete with a U-SIM-card of the new generation. The cost for this complete kit in the sales and customer service Center is 1,990 rubles. All new users of 4G services of MegaFon-South Ossetia can test the high-speed mobile Internet for free during the first 3 days after activation in the 4G LTE network.