OREANDA-NEWS. Astana is the fastest growing city in Kazakhstan. Annually about 50 thousand of people rush to the capital. The city’s industry has to develop in a corresponding pace to be able to meet the requirements of new residents of the city. Thus, since the beginning of the current year the production of bread and milk increased by 15% in the capital, actual output of macaroni increased 1.7-fold in comparison with similar period of 2012. This was reported to astana.kz in the city Department of Statistics.

Along with that, in Astana production of cheese and cottage cheese declined by 5.9% as well as flour (by 12.5%0 and sausage products (by 31.6%), it is said in the message.

In a whole, in January and February 2013 volume of industrial production of the city amounted to 125.5% to the level of the similar period of the last year.

Thus, in comparison with analogous period of 2012, the volume of produced goods in manufacturing industry has increased by 26.6%. According to the Department, increase of production volume can be monitored in all branches of manufacturing industry, except foodstuff manufacturing, rubber and plastic goods, wood and cork products, furniture.

However, the capital’s enterprises of building industry have provided a significant expansion of production of mixed concrete (208% to the level of January-February of 2012), elements of sectional constructions for building of cement, concrete or faux stone (218,8%)

“In machine building, production of spare parts for agriculture and forestry (151.7%), instrument boards (155.6%) and diesel locomotives (187.5%) has increased”, - they report in the agency.