OREANDA-NEWS. Experts of R-Pharm Groups Laboratory Diagnostics and Medical Equipment Department put forward the initiative on launch of cervical cancer liquid-based cytology screening programme at the Third National Forum Reproductive potential of Russia: womens health is the health of nation. Kazanskie Chteniya, held on February 27 March 1, 2013 in Kazan.

The event attracted over 2,000 representatives of medical community, who paid special attention to womens health and screening of women oncology diseases in particular. The participants of the event discussed the implementation of liquid-based cytology into gynecology. Experts of R-Pharm and Becton Dickinson companies showed the opportunities and benefits of contemporary closed systems including Rovers Cervex-Brush and BD SurePath containers that significantly reduce the time of biomaterials withdrawal, maintain comfort conditions for patients and reduce the number of false-negative results. The closed container system allows preserving the biomaterial for up to 6 months in controlled temperature environment.

New agreements on supply of Rovers ytology brushes and Becton Dickinson containers were signed as a result of participation in the event.