OREANDA-NEWS. In St. Petersburg the second phase of an extensive renovation of Pervomayskaya CHP began with the construction of the combined auxiliary building (HVAC).

February 21, 2013 the first pile was layed into the foundation of building HVAC, located next to new power units at Pervomayskaya CHP with total capacity of 360 MW.

As noted Vadim Vederchik, director for capital construction of JSC TGC-1, draft comprehensive modernization at Pervomayskaya CHP significantly increased the reliability and quality of power supply in South-Western part of the city. After completion of the project plant will meet the highest environmental standards. No hot technical water will be discharged into the Gulf of Finland and emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere will significantly reduce. In addition, new equipment has a higher efficiency, which will reduce the cost of heat and electricity production.