OREANDA-NEWS. The Bank of Moscows Stavropol branch was set up in 2005. Over the eight years since its inception, it has maintained its status as one of the most dynamically growing financial institutions in the region. The Stavropol branch has over 12 thousand corporate and individual clients, for whose convenience there are two additional offices in the town of Pyatigorsk and Nevinnomyssk. Within the scope of reorganisation of the Bank of Moscows branch in Vladikavkaz, on 23 March 2013 will see the opening of a Regional Operating Office and Operating Office No. 1 of the Stavropol branch.

When the Bank of Moscow joined the VTB Group in 2011, the branch received a new development impetus. The branchs new director, Tatyana Pogorelova, will be called on to implement the ambitious plans laid before the Stavropol branch. Tatyana Pogorelova is well known in the region, having held a management position within Bank VTB and having also been Deputy Chairman of the Government and Minister of Finance of the Stavropol Territory. The new directors tasks include forming, as soon as possible, a business orientated team and bringing the branch into leading positions in the Stavropol area in all spheres of business of the Bank of Moscow.

During 2012, the branchs credit portfolio for small and medium-sized businesses (enterprises with an annual revenue of up to 10 billion roubles) increase ten-fold to reach 2.7 billion roubles. This was made possible thanks to introduction of a new sale model allowing a reduction in decision-making time in relation to extension of loans to corporate clients.

In 2013, the Stavropol branch has launched a new credit product: "Prospects for Business", designed for small enterprises within annual revenues of up to 300 million roubles. The funds are granted for the purpose of refinancing current debt to banks, though some of them may be used for business development.

The 2012 results showed an increase in the retail business credit portfolio to 1.5 billion roubles. The Stavropol branchs retail loan success allowed it to become one of the four platforms for launch of the Bank of Moscows new product: the "My Business" loan, developed specially for individual entrepreneurs and owners of business with annual revenue of up to 20 million roubles. In April 2013, a mortgage department is to open within the branch.

In February 2013, the branch took part in the regional competition "Stavropol Brand", organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stavropol Territory. The branch was awarded the competitions title of Best Financial Brand" in the "Public Recognition" category. Leadership in this category is of particular importance since the competitors were assessed by public voting.

The Stavropol branch is actively co-operating with retailers, spirits and vodka industry enterprises, enterprises producing glazing systems and others. As of today, loan transactions to a sum of over 1.5 billion roubles with key regional enterprises are in the works.

Over the eight years of its existence, the Stavropol branch of the Bank of Moscow has been supporting socially vulnerable strata of the population: it renders charitable assistance to establishments working with orphans and disabled children.