OREANDA-NEWS. Joint-Stock Company Liepajas Metalurgs hereby informs, that the audit performed by Ernst & Young Baltic Limited is completed. Mutual cooperation between Joint-Stock Company Liepajas Metalurgs and Ernst & Young Baltic Limited was properly organized and all information, requested by the auditors was submitted. Report on the results of the audit, produced by Ernst & Young Baltic Limited, at first will be submitted to the Ministry of Finances of LR. For the time being, Joint-Stock Company Liepajas Metalurgs is not aware of results of this report.

On Monday afternoon (18.03.2013.) the representatives of Joint-Stock Company Liepajas Metalurgs met the Minister of Finances and the Minister of Economics in the Ministry of Finances.

Representatives of Joint-Stock Company Liepajas Metalurgs presented and submitted to the Ministers of Finances and Economics the plan of action for finding a way out of the crisis situation of the company. It covers both issues and their solutions, related to Joint-Stock Company Liepajas Metalurgs, and the potential support by state institutions.

The meeting took place in a businesslike and constructive atmosphere with understanding of the situation from both sides. Both Ministers appreciated the role of JSC Liepajas Metalurgs in regional and national life, recognizing the necessity for finding a solution.