OREANDA-NEWS. Energy engineers of the Eastern Electric Grids have planned extensive works consisting in major repair of distribution grids for the year 2013.

In such a way, it is expected to make major repairs of 1,186 km of distribution grids. They include 716 km of 6/10 kV overhead lines and 470 km of 0.4 kV OL. In these circumstances, energy engineers of the EEG have planned replacement of wooden poles by concrete ones, and “bare” wire by insulated one. In total, this year it is planned to install 1,468 supports: 715 ones at 6/10 kV OL and 753 ones at 0.4 kV OL. 1,566 towers were installed last year against 1,328 planned towers. The target for replacement of “bare” wire by insulated one this year is roughly equivalent to the last year’s figure: 164 km (the target of 170 km and actual result - 220 km in 2012). They include 92 km of SSIW (self-supporting insulated wire) to be replaced at 6/10 kV OL and 72 km – at 0.4 kV OL.

Mechanized clearing of corridors along 6/10 kV lines last year was actually performed at 90 hectares, exceeding the target (47 hectares) twice. This repair season, energy specialists plan to clear 40 hectares of corridors using equipment. 29 hectares will be cleared manually this year. The same amount was planned for 2012 (40 hectares were actually cleared).

Moreover, the staff members of the EEG distribution grids plan to overhaul 24 transformers and 430 transformer substations (in 2012, 356 TS were repaired against 349 planned ones). Increased number of substations planned to be repaired is due to the fact that abandoned grids were included in the EEG’s balance sheet, and they require priority repairs. This implies a whole range of activities needed - replacement or repair of remote disconnecting devices, replacement of structures, elements of TS, switches, automats, painting, numbering, etc.

According to Sergey Verbitsky, deputy chief engineer for distribution grids of the EEG, all of the specified works in all electric grid districts of the branch will be performed using own resources. Some districts have already started to implement the targets. In particular, energy specialists of the Yegor’yevsk EGD, where a significant amount of work has been planned, have started clearing corridors manually and partial repairs of closed TS without waiting for snow melts.

An important part of the distribution grids modernization, which has been planned by the EEG’s specialists for the year 2013, will be replacement of oil circuit breakers by vacuum circuit breakers. Last year, energy specialists of the eastern branch installed 10 vacuum circuit breakers in different electric grid districts; this year, their number will increase to 15. The work of installation of new vacuum circuit breakers in electric grid districts will be continued in electric grid districts of the Kolomna operating area of the EEG. In the future, this will significantly reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance of the branch’s electrical equipment.