OREANDA-NEWS. March 29, 2013. The Government is to consider issues of raise of wages. This was informed by Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov in his opening statement during a session of the Cabinet.

The Premier stressed that in 2012 official salaries of employees of the budget sphere were reconsidered 6 times in a row and such a policy is being pursued by the Government.

“On commission of the President of Ukraine, after long consultations with trade unions, the Government is to consider a decision on another increase from January 1 of the current year of the first category tariff of the Unified tariff system (UTS),” Mykola Azarov informed. “Consequently, all official salaries of budget employees will be raised. Simultaneously we continue to resume differentiation in payment of labour along 1-5 category tariffs of the UTS. The leveling principle will no longer be applied”.

Mykola Azarov explained overall improvement of wages will affect almost 3.5 mln of workers in education, culture, healthcare, social sphere and other budget areas. 

At this, the Premier drew peculiar attention that all budget sphere employees will receive recalculations for January-March of this year with taking into account new official salaries.

For instance, an official salary of a leading librarian and teacher of higher category will increase by 167 hryvnyas, as compared to the salary fixed earlier, of a doctor therapist of higher category – by 179 hryvnyas. 

And actual increase will be more significant as practically all employees of the budget area have allowances and bonuses to the official salary: for seniority of service (from 10% to 30%), for complexity and strain in work (up to 50%), for fulfillment of duties of temporary absent employees, for combination of professions (positions) (up to 50%), for scientific degree (15%, 25%), for class leadership (up to 20%), for pedagogic employees - 20% for labour prestige, for librarians for peculiar work conditions – 50% etc.

Besides, targeting raising level of motivation to work for the employees of a system of emergency medical assistance from October 1, 2013 two allowances are fixed: for peculiar labour conditions and for peculiar character of labour – in the amount of up to 20% of the official salary each. Also once a year they will be paid material assistance in the amount of one official salary for solving social issues.