OREANDA-NEWS. The team of the Domodedovo Electric Grid District (DEGD), based on the results of the socio-economic development of the urban district Domodedovo, has been included in the district Honors Board for 2012.

On 25 February, Leonid Kovalevsky, head of the Domodedovo urban district presented Certificates of Merit to eight labor groups of the district. The Domodedovo EGD headed by Alexander Tsybulyaev, chief of the District, was for the first time awarded the honor “For honest productive work, achievement of individual performance at work, great contribution of the team to improvement of socio-economic development of the city district Domodedovo in 2012”.

The meeting, which summed up the development of the district for the year 2012, hosted Andrey Vorob’yov, temporarily appointed governor of the Moscow Area. He appreciated the work of the local authorities, “At present, Domodedovo is our flagship. I am pleased to note that the local authorities keep busy, continue to work, increasing the pace of development” and said that “this is joint efforts only which will help to achieve implementation of the transformation program of our region in full.”

The service zone of EGD, the population of which is 104 people, includes 9 35-110 kV substations (S), 469 transformer substation of different voltage classes, more than 2,000 km of cable and overhead lines of 0.4-6-10 kV. During the past year, 10 MVA of transformer capacity were commissioned in the district territory. Over 100 km of 0.4-6-10 kV overhead lines were reconstructed. Implementation of the large-scale repair and investment programs reduced the number of blackouts and average time of their de-energizing by 20% against the year 2011.