OREANDA-NEWS. In the early March the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) meeting on the innovations development program was held at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAP) – branch of IRKUT Corporation.

Representatives of UAC, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, Komsomolsk-on Amur Aircraft Production Association, Aerocomposite, Aviastar-SP, Kazan Aviation Production Association, Voronezh Aircraft joint-stock company met with innovations records of the IAP.

The meeting agenda was the project within “the development and implementation of complex high-efficiency design technologies for design and production of the MC-21 airliner” which is realized by the IAP jointly with the Irkutsk State Technical University as per the Russian Federation Government Decree #218.

Reports on 16 topics concerning high-performance machining, the introduction of new designs cutting tools, the development of automated systems design, the implementation of CAE systems, non-destructive testing, processing and manufacturing of parts within superplasticity mode were represented at the meeting. Many of the mentioned designs are unique. Their implementation in the manufacturing process significantly reduces the complexity of products manufacturing, as well as costs and the cycle of design and technological preparation of production. A number of the designs have been already implemented at the IAP.

The IAP successfully debugged interaction between enterprise and university research which evidenced that the theory is closely linked to the practice. Such experience is valuable and such successful projects contribute to the development of the UAC innovation program to be used in all enterprises included in UAC, mentioned UAC’ experts.