OREANDA-NEWS. A delegation from the Kursk region headed by the Governor Alexander Mikhailov visited Kirovsky Zavod. Representatives of the Kursk regional administration and agricultural companies became familiar with the new equipment line at Kirovsky Zavod and inspected manufacturing sites of its subsidiary, St. Petersburg Tractor Plant.

Georgy Semenenko, the CEO of Kirovsky Zavod, and Sergey Zanozin, First Deputy and Director of Machinery Department, informed the guests about the modernization of the plant's production capacities, its quality standards and after-sale warranty and service maintenance of its machinery.

The new Kirovets K-9000 power tractor became the focal point during the presentation of agricultural equipment to the Kursk delegates. While the features and functions of the Kirovets K-9000 are equal to the leading analogues by foreign manufacturers, its cost is lower by 30 percent. In particular, the new Kirovets operates with any wide-cut and combined implements produced in Russia or abroad and performs all the basic agricultural functions from plowing and cultivating to harrowing and sowing. The Kursk Governor Alexander Mikhailov appreciated the functions of the new tractor after personally climbing into the cabin.

In addition, the Kursk delegates highly regarded the attempts of Kirovsky Zavod in modernizing its products as well as their competitiveness and qualify. According to Alexander Mikhailov, about 620 Kirovets tractors operate in the field of the Kursk region; many of them were produced several decades ago and need to be replaced. While the Kursk region only purchased one tractor from Kirovsky Zavod in 2011, there were already 12 machines purchased the next year, said Mikhailov. Further, six Kirovets tractors were already supplied to the regions in early January of 2013, and the region plans to acquire at least ten more.

This visit should bolster the cooperation between the Kursk region and Kirovsky Zavod and increase the supplies of the company's equipment to the region, Mikhailov remarked at the end of the visit.