OREANDA-NEWS. The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan has commissioned 8th gas station in the west of Ukraine - Lviv.
This unique filling station with fuel-dispensing unit is designed to quickly serve a large number of customers. The unit allows refuel 4 cars (2 on each side of the unit at the same time). It realizes the branded Nano diesel fuel, A 95, A 92 gasoline.

All SOCAR filling stations are built on the principle of ''five-star hotel.'' That is, the stations provide prompt and high quality services, including the opportunities for resting of the customers. “Buta market” store also operates at the filling stations. The customers can benefit from wi-fi, charging mobile phones, and etc. services as well.

Overall, the total number of gas stations operating under SOCAR brand in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Nikolaevsk, and Rovensk regions of Ukraine reached 34 units. SOCAR Ukraine plans to increase the number of gas stations in Ukraine under SOCAR brand to 100 units in 2013.