OREANDA-NEWS. April 05, 2013. The sales volume of three new polypropylene products, namely the HT9025NX and CP800M of Sinopec Maoming Company and S960 of Guangzhou Petrochemical, promoted by Sinopec South China Oil Products Company, totaled over 8,800 tons from January to February, exceeding the sales target of newly-developed products for the first quarter.

The three products have taken a certain share in the plastics market in South China, where there are a great number of imported products, and established the brand image of Sinopec’s polypropylene products. The three new products were launched in the market in 2012. Targeting the imported products in the region, Sinopec South China Oil Products Company closely cooperated with the production enterprises in actively carrying out market researches, product marketing and after-sales services.

As the Guangzhou factory of Tupperware, the famous American manufacturer of plastic vessels, increased its purchase of the transparent PP material HT9025NX, the product managed to seize a share from other imported competitors in the plastic market.

As cast film material, CP800M successfully opened Eastern Guangdong market, one of the main distributing centers of CPP film materials in South China. With all indicators better than those of its domestic counterparts, CP800M has been widely recognized by the film manufacturers.

The S960, a high melting polypropylene fiber material produced by Sinopec Guangzhou Company, has received great attention in the market ever since its launch, as it has changed the situation where the domestic production of high-end non-woven fabrics relies on imported raw materials.