OREANDA-NEWS. NEC Corporation announced today participation in SDN & OpenFlow APAC Congress 2013 at the Concorde Hotel, Singapore, June 4-6, 2013. During the congress, an NEC specialist on SDN will present a paper and join panel discussions to outline the path of evolution for Software Defined Carrier Networks.

"Carrier network environments are changing dramatically, including the diversification of services and business models, traffic profiles, disaster resiliency and ecological concerns. These changes are driving the evolution of carrier networks towards greater simplicity and flexibility," said Morio Ito, chief manager, NEC Corporation. "The key technological enablers for this evolution include OpenFlow, resource and traffic management, and virtualization. During this congress, NEC will introduce its ongoing activities in support of realizing a smooth and timely movement towards Software Defined Carrier Networks."

On June 5, 17:40-18:15, Mr. Gerry Feeney, head of technical marketing, NEC Europe Ltd. will participate in the panel discussion on "Cloud innovation using SDN." On June 6, 10:35-11:00, Mr. Fenny will present a paper on NEC's value proposition for SDN in Carrier networks, as well as introduce NEC's contributions to the OpenFlow development community.